Blog Post pushes subscriptions

Updated: is now offering pushing ad-free radio for $3 a month, in what is an obvious move to counter the royalty rate increase. Mashable says they have just started offering this premium service. The comments on the Mashable post say the subscriptions have been around for a long time. Okay, now I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding and mis-reporting.

6 Responses to “ pushes subscriptions”

  1. is very good and worth $3.00 per month in my opinion. The Internet wants to be free, so they need to hone the revenue model (with haste and fast) and maybe take back the full track sales that they are processing through other vendors so if you find a great track, you can buy it, or add it to your list — now synch your favorites with portable player or WiFi enabled device and it’s a bandwidth eating winner…long live Last…fm

  2. Yeah, I’ve been donating to AudioScrobbler/Last.Fm for years. Anyone with a blue symbol next to their username is a subscriber.

    And haven’t’s streams always been ad-free? Perhaps it’s because I’m a subscriber, but I’ve never heard any advertising on the streams.