KDDI Plans MVNO in the USA

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South Korean SK Telecom has Helio. Now Japan’s KDDI is working on an MVNO for the U.S. market, running over Sprint’s network, and is targeting Japanese customers in the U.S. Hopefully they aren’t investing Helio-type dollars for that small of a target market.

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KDDI is not just moving into the US market, they are attempting to become a global MVNO player. They will be helped by being able to use their global backhaul network.

Also, looking at the size of their market (Asian Americans or immigrants) here in the US, that could be very attractive. Becoming an MVNO is a good way for KDDI to move into the US market, bring specialized services and phones could be a good thing. Also, looking at the successful MVNO’s, they have been based on focusing on immigrants.

KDDI’s MVNO could be successful.

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