George Clooney: I’m No YouTuber

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Backstory: Actor George Clooney was implicated in the publishing of two behind-the-scenes clips from the scenes of I Heart Huckabees, which showed actress Lily Tomlin and director David O. Russell unleashing f-bomb storms at each other (videos embedded below the jump). Clooney, who had previously been in a fist fight with Russell on the set of Three Kings, said he wasn’t responsible for posting the clips to the internet, and offered a million dollar reward for clearing his name.

Now, Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Clooney, in which he denies he could have anything to do with leaking the clips because “I don’t even know how to get onto YouTube” (via Gawker). Besides that gem of a quote, it’s a fun read, offering a mixed-metaphor-laden celebrity vantage point into our little world of online video.

I just think the Internet is a free-for-all now… You’re going to have someone filming in somebody’s hotel and get them when they have Spanktro-vision on and put that on the Internet and that will be a career-ender for somebody… Until someone figures out how to tame the wild wild west then I don’t really know you can put the genie back in the bottle. Maybe it’s good.

Here are a couple versions of the clips. Many others have been taken down, so these may not stay up long. The language is, of course, inappropriate.

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Tim Street

A Million Bucks!????

I think George was hanging out with a couple of the French Maids. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Hey couldn’t press no buttons to change the YouTube clicker thing. He was busy…real busy. With Morgan Fairchild and LaLa from Tiki Bar TV and I saw him with those Nontourage girls and maybe even Amanda, that was it Amanda and Casey from Galaticast and one of those Good Night Burbank girls…

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