Akimbo… for the Small Screen?

From the moving-backwards dept. comes Monday’s news of Akimbo announcing a version of its video-on-demand service for your PC, instead of for your television. While some reviewers, like our own Om Malik, have found joy in the fact that Akimbo’s offering kept the PC out of the viewing infrastructure mix, the company says “it’s very significant” to let customers view Akimbo-hosted content on their Windows PCs.

While we here at NewTeeVee generally cheer on having more ways to watch TV, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher to try and figger out why Akimbo would want to tread into an arena with lots of competitors and not a lot of user love (so far, anyway). Analysts like Joseph Laszlo at JupiterResearch are asking similar questions. CrunchGear does point out that the PC version will allow viewers to skip the monthly service fees and pay per view, which might be an attractive option. Look for the service to start at Akimbo.com on April 16.