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Yahoo Ties With SanDisk on Wi-Fi Music Player

First RealNetworks last year, now Yahoo: SanDisk has launched its new Wi-Fi-enabled MP3 portable player Sansa Connect, and it works closely to download songs from Yahoo’s subscription music service. As PCWorld explains: “Find an open access point, and you can stream Internet radio from Launchcast stations or browse Flickr photo streams. Sign up for Yahoo’s portable music subscription service, Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go, and you’ll be able to download any tracks or albums you like over Wi-Fi.”
It costs $249 for a 4GB player.
WSJ: A central player in the Sansa Connect’s creation is Zing of Mountain View, CA, a company co-founded by Tim Bucher, a former Apple executive who ran the Macintosh technology group within Apple that developed key pieces of the iPod. Zing developed the complex software that allows the Sansa Connect to connect to Yahoo’s various Internet services.
Limitations: Since Sansa doesn’t have a keyboard, users can’t type in artists’ name and download their songs wirelessly from Yahoo. Instead, with a couple of button clicks, they can download groups of songs from Yahoo mixes across dozens of genres or Yahoo radio stations.
YMusic’s own blog writes about it here:.