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Europe Embraces HD-DVD Over Blu-Ray, Sony ‘Late’ To Woo Indies

One of the two competing hi-def DVD standards is finding more favor with European movie distributors than the other, FT reports. Some 35 titles are available in Toshiba’s HD-DVD format compared with just 10 on Sony’s Blu-Ray discs. Studio Canal and Pathé (France), Filmax and DeAPlaneta (Spain), and Imagion and Nixbu (Germany) have each pledged their support to the Toshiba format. Studio Canal’s Rodolphe Buet: “I have met much more commitment from partners involved with HD-DVD than Blu-Ray.” Even the European vice-chair of the Blu-Ray Disc Association conceded Sony has concentrated on the U.S. and has considered it too early to work with European studios. Release of Sony’s Playstation 3, critical in establishing a beachhead for Blu-Ray in the living room, was delayed by nearly four months in Europe; whether this will prove fatal remains to be seen. In the U.S., Blu-Ray player sales have outstripped those of HD-DVD players by two to one, but the independent studios which have supported HD-DVD enjoy greater market share in Europe than in America (up to 50 percent).

3 Responses to “Europe Embraces HD-DVD Over Blu-Ray, Sony ‘Late’ To Woo Indies”

  1. sony just want to concentrate on the US market more because if it's popular in US then the rest of th world will adopt it. Because American movies pretty much dominate the whole world right now. they can release as many movies on HD-DVD as they want but poeple are more interested in buying Starwars, Lord of the ring than some European independent studios.
    Look at Sony minidisc. It never really take off in US but it's very popular in Europe.
    Or VCD or SVCD. I only saw the demo on the shelf for like a month and then it just disappeared.
    One good thing came out of these is that it drove the price down faster than anything I've ever seen.

  2. Of the top 10 HD DVD's on, exactly one is from a European distributor. Of the top 10 BD's, none is. So the impact of this seems to be quite minimal. And in Germany, eproductwars data suggest that the war is as good as over with BD clearly winning.

  3. 45 total titles between both formats is not enough to declare "Europe Embraces HD-DVD".

    This article is total crap. Please print actual news and not opinion.