Disney Mobile, A Year Later


RCR has some stats from Disney on the usage of its kids-and-parents focused MVNO service Disney Mobile. About 30 percent of the MVNO’s subscribers make use of its GPS location tracking services, and parents who do so use the feature 14 times per month on average–or roughly every other day. Also, 56 percent of Disney Mobile subscribers are adults and 44 percent are children.


San Jacinto Cellular

I have been trying to see what the retail stores are doing about the Disney Mobile Bankrkuptcy. We were easily convinced that Disney Mobile was going to be a top company so we did extensive advertising and were told that our stores were on the top of sales for Disney. We were even promised trips for our good work. Then the news came out that Disney Mobile was going under and we started getting the chargebacks because customers were leaving the service. We were out the money for the phone (which was often given to the customer for free) out the commission and out all of our advertising costs. When I started to make issues about this to our suplier, they froze our account, won't talk to me, won't send me any information and basically they are just ignoring the situation and they hope that the retail stores just suck it up and forget about it. If anyone reads this . . .do you have any advice?


A year later…as a charger subscriber I can attest to the power of being able to locate your children by the GPS tracking services. Using this powerful technology as a tool for parents only makes sense.

Unfortunately the overall package provided by Disney Mobile is lacking in standard features, reliability, programming and support. I had high hopes for this service and stuck it out with them with their claims that they were just starting and they were working out all the kinks. Then months later I found myself stuck in their 2 year trap with an exit cost of $175/phone, which becomes a huge barrier to exit for a family with 5 phones.

The service might work well for grade school kids as the themes, programming and minimal phone features might be acceptable, but as a service for teenagers and adults, Disney Mobile just doesn't make the grade.

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