CookBook Updates from My Dream App


For those of you who followed the My Dream App competition last year, there’s news of progress! Austin Sarner (AppZapper developer) posts to the MDA Forums about the work that’s been accomplished to date on CookBook – one of the winning apps. The screenshots looks very nice – unless you’re one of those unified UI purists that is….

Of the winners, CookBook was the one that I was excited about since day one. And now seeing the way the interface is progressing, I’m more excited than ever to see these applications coming to completion. It’s pretty cool the way that some of the great minds behind software development for the OS X platform have come together to really knock these 3 apps out of the park. I’m sure they’ll all be raising the bar when they are finally released.

The other 2 winning apps were Portal (a backup sort of application) and Atmosphere (which will display the current weather on your desktop – it’s cooler than it sounds).

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