AFP Settles With Google News On Copyright Infringement

So this will probably be a template for others: Agence France-Presse, the news agency which was embroiled in a lawsuit with Google, has reached an agreement with search giant that will allow Google to post news and photos from AFP, reports AP. AFP filed in March 2005 accusing Google of posting news summaries, headlines and photos without permission. Financial details of the settlement weren’t disclosed.
Last year Google cut a deal with AP, though that case didn’t go to the lawsuit stage.
AFP’s own story: AFP headlines and photographs would again be available on Google news, Google Actualites and other Google services, driving traffic to websites displaying AFP news content. But the accord also goes further…”The agreement will allow uses of AFP’s content in ways that go beyond its typical use of content in Google’s services, which features just headlines and snippets of text to provide just a taste of what an article offers,” AFP CEO Pierre Louette said. He did not elaborate.

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