UMPCScrollbar Powertoy for XP and Vista

Umppc_scrollerOne of the more frustrating issues since the Origami-based UMPCs arrived has to be dialog boxes that don’t quite fit on the native 800 x 480 screens. I’ve made good use of the resolution switching hardware button on my Q1s but thanks to Vikram Madan, I no longer have to and neither do you! Vikram introduced a Powertoy earlier this week for Vista-based UMPCs and that small application is now available for XP devices as well. I’ve used it all morning and it works like a charm for me, but remember that it is an unsupported Powertoy so YMMV.

The UMPCScrollbar runs quietly in the background until it senses a dialog box too large to vertically fit on your screen. Once that happens, it appears as a transparent scroll bar that allows you move the oversized window up or down. This just got added to my "must have" UMPC application list!

(via Ultra Mobile PC Tips)


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