Screencast: Skitch Preview


skitchI know, it must be shocking to see that I’m doing a screencast on something other than Quicksilver. For me to not be covering Quicksilver is generally a big deal – well that’s just the case today. I’m proud to bring you a screencast preview of Skitch, which is a fantastic new screen grab and image editing app from Plasq – and it most definitely is a big deal!

I honestly haven’t been this giddy about a piece of software in recent memory. Back at MacWorld I remember hearing about this great new product from Plasq and thinking, “So what, it’s a screen capture utility.” Well Skitch is one of the most well thought-out pieces of software I’ve used in quite sometime, and I’m pleased to be able to show you some of its finer points today.

A Skitch Demo

Skitch is unfortunately still in private beta, so you can’t get crazy with it just yet. But if you head over to you can sign up for email updates as they’re available. I highly recommend staying posted because you WILL want to get your hands on this as soon as it’s available.



I have and love skitch, but I would also prefer imageshack support, or some sort of anonymous image upload.I am on IRC quite a bit, uploading images, and I would prefer they’re uploaded somewhere more general / anyone can upload there such as imageshack.

Cris Pearson

Lime: There are quite a few places where we deviate from typical Mac OS X but we don’t do this just for the sake of it. It is always to make a better product in the context of what it does.

The nature of Skitch lends itself to 4 corner resize. Once you get Skitch, I’d love to hear if you don’t agree.

We are always looking to improve every facet of Skitch.

Also, what is it about the imageshack service that makes you want Skitch support for it? We support Flickr already. imageshack and photobucket are other services we are pondering supporting.

Brandon – Glad you are enjoying it! :)

Brandon Collins (Cool OSX Apps Webmaster, Co-Owner)

Skitch is very amazing!!!! Mark Pearson accepted me as a private beta tester and I plan to write a detailed review with some screencasts and screenshots of this wonderful application! I, too, must admit that I have not been this excited about an application in a while, and am very impressed by the offerings from Plasq’s Skitch in only its first private beta stage.


what was used to launch skitch in your screencast? a quicksilver plugin? i like the single bezel interface.

Cris Pearson

Lime: We have made many decisions on the Skitch UI that don’t convene with typical OS X behavior. These decisions are not made because we felt like it but to make a better application in context with what it does. 4 Corner resize is one such decision that when you use it, makes a lot of sense.

When you get Skitch, I’d love to know if you still feel the same. Please let me know via and cite this apple blog conversation.

There are some areas where we know we need to conform more with OS X. In some cases, not everyone is going to agree with what we do :) We are continually improving the UI and features so feedback is always great.

About imageshack. What is it about that service that makes you want Skitch integration?


Skitch seems great and have some great features. Arrows and history are the 2 stuff I miss using SCREEN DUMP.
SCREEN DUMP is still my favorite : it’s free and very efficiant. SCREEN DUMP will do a screenshot, resize it and upload it somewhere on your ftp. You can also set up a timer (usually at 20s for me) so your client/friend can see what you’re doing in “real time”. (I gave my clients a URL that reload automatically the image.)

Yes, the two soft are somehow different but I see a complementarity between both.

Thank for the screencast.


Imageshack support and lose the needless windows 4 corner resize nonsense please :)

Cris Pearson

Younghusband: Not yet, but it is definitely something I’ve thought about. Won’t happen in the first release, but sharpen, blur, brightness and contrast are things we intend to do.

For those that don’t know, a light sharpening after sizing down an image is a good thing to do. Don’t over do it though.

Thanks everyone else for being so excited about Skitch! Makes the many many months of sweating over Skitch worth it :)

Nick, thanks for the screencast!


Looks great. Does it have a Sharpen function? My workflow is usually crop>resize>sharpen>upload. Sharpen seems to be the one function not found in light image editors. If Skitch can do this then sign me up!


Your screencasts won’t sync with or play on Apple TV.. even though they play fine in iTunes.. do you think you could encode in H.264 with AAC audio? currently your video encoding is “qtrle” and your audio encoding is “adpcm_ima_qt” according to ffmpeg… don’t see those very often.

Joseph Pollone

Very interesting. I think Skitch will fill the gap for me in lieu of CMD-Shift-4 and Photoshop. I don’t use Photoshop too much any more, and I don’t think I will re-buy it, but I need something to edit/modify screen caps quickly. I can see how Skitch will help me create the pictures for step-by-step documentation pieces, but I’m a little unclear on how I will use it to mock-up/prototype an existing web application.

For example, I currently take a screen capture of a web application, then bring it into Photoshop. If the requirement is to add another navigation button, I will take the time to create a layer, copy, paste, make the text label, etc. This can be a little cumbersome especially if I need to mock-up a row of list data.

All in all, it looks like Skitch will be a worthy puchase.


Nick Santilli

Martin – Look for a post on this in the coming days. It’ll be easier to address in a post, where more people with the same questions can look.

Matt – Thanks for mentioning that. I actually did 3 versions of the screencast, but kept having technical difficulties with my headset for audio. In one of the other recordings (that I didn’t use) I demonstrated that point, but clearly forgot to in this one. So thank you for picking that point up for me!


This looks defeinitely great.

I’m really looking forward testing it by myself. Doing all the capture && simple editing in one place is really useful.


Great job Nick. I, too saw Skitch at the Plasq booth and just kept going back until they agreed to enter me in the beta program.

You did forget to mention one important thing though – Skitch not only does screen caps but it will also handle any image dragged to it’s window. I drag pictures right out of iPhoto , Skitch them up and then mail them off or use them for forum posts, etc. You can also drag images right out of your browser into Skitch’s window.

It’s a really versatile app and much, much more than a screen grab utility. Plasq got it right with this one.

Martin Hauser

Hey there again, first of all, this seems a great app and i can’t wait to get my hands on it.

There’s something else i’ve been wondring about. There’s some stuff on your menubar i really failed to identify and as i am a curious person, i can’t help to ask… :)


This looks great and definitely fills a painful void in the Mac universe (dusty, neglected Snapz Pro just doesn’t cut it anymore for static screen captures), but it still falls far short of the functionality of SnagIt on Windows. I wish either 1) TechSmith would release a Mac version of SnagIt, or 2) a Mac developer would shamelessly rip off all the functionality of SnagIt and throw it in a Mac app.


brandon- check if it’s not there try

noah- snapz pro x


Thanks for the great screencasts. What software do you use to make your screencasts?


Wow, this looks great! Very intuitive and useable, and just what I’ve been looking for. One question though that I’ve been meaning to ask you, where did you get that great robot wallpaper?

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