Screencast: Skitch Preview

skitchI know, it must be shocking to see that I’m doing a screencast on something other than Quicksilver. For me to not be covering Quicksilver is generally a big deal – well that’s just the case today. I’m proud to bring you a screencast preview of Skitch, which is a fantastic new screen grab and image editing app from Plasq – and it most definitely is a big deal!

I honestly haven’t been this giddy about a piece of software in recent memory. Back at MacWorld I remember hearing about this great new product from Plasq and thinking, “So what, it’s a screen capture utility.” Well Skitch is one of the most well thought-out pieces of software I’ve used in quite sometime, and I’m pleased to be able to show you some of its finer points today.

A Skitch Demo

Skitch is unfortunately still in private beta, so you can’t get crazy with it just yet. But if you head over to you can sign up for email updates as they’re available. I highly recommend staying posted because you WILL want to get your hands on this as soon as it’s available.


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