Make Your PowerPoint Presentation More Human with Post-It Notes


Leisa Reichelt of Disambiguity came up with a really cool way to mash up PowerPoint slides with sticky notes, in the form of her presentation for the Information Architecture Summit held in Las Vegas at the end of last month. She put bullet points and diagrams on individual post-its then arranged and photographed them for each slide. The result is much more human than the flat boxes and computerized typefaces of PowerPoint. I bet it’s more fun to create a presentation that way too, because you get the physical pleasure of writing the notes and shifting them around.

post-it note presentation slide

Leisa shared her slide show on SlideShare so you can view the whole thing. Careful! You may develop a sticky note fetish after watching it.



i am a marketing presenter .I’ve used SlideShare and many others before but now I use instead to share and upload my presentations. It’s a lot easier to use and supports more multimedia effects. its very good.


Rosalyn Ferrell

Perhaps I should use spell check or learn how to type!!

Rosalyn Ferrell

I am here dreading making my firs powerpoint presntation for class. Your presentation made me smile. Thank you,

Leisa Reichelt

hey Anne – thanks for this!

I’m glad people like the sticky note approach! It came about because I was using sticky notes to plan my talk, and then the next most logical thing seemed to be to photograph my notes. (Particularly because when I try to do a proper powerpoint presentation it never looks all that great). I work with stickies *a lot* in my line of work, so it seemed fairly natural to me.

the only downside that I’ve come across so far is – no spell check!

@ Dec – there are rules about what is and isn’t powerpoint?! who knew.
I thought if you made it using powerpoint it was powerpoint! :)


I agree, if by “brilliant” you mean “stupid.” That’s a photographic slide show, not PowerPoint.


this is just a brilliant idea. awesome in its simplicity. one that even steve jobs could use.


Very clever, it really gets the job done.

Plus, the post-its are in line with her blogs logo too. Knowing that makes this presentation even better.

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