Introducing ‘From Ashy to Classy’

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Ron Jeremy isn’t the only pop icon out to rekindle his career via online video. Also making his online debut this week on is Donnell Rawlings, better known as Ashy from The Chappelle Show.

The show: From Ashy to Classy, a cultural review of art galleries, restaurants, massage parlors and other patrician locales where an ashy-elbowed savant can educate himself on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Here’s the first episode:

We caught up with Donnell — on his cell, in Manhattan, some woman yelling in the background (true) — to ask him a few brief questions about his new show.

NewTeeVee: So how’d you hook up with

DR: Well my publicist had a relationship with and they were all excited about the idea, about Ashy the character, so we went with it.

NTV: You think it’s a strange evolution to go from a top-rated comedy show to an Internet show?

DR: No, I don’t know if evolution is the right word, because the whole thing with this business is you have to just get your shit out there, just got to keep yourself relevant.

NTV: Must be hard for a man in shape like yourself. How’d you get so comfortable with your body?

DR: People think it’s easy but it’s hard. No trans fats, drink lots of water, lots of fruits and vegetables. People think it’s all physical but there’s mental preparation too.

NTV: So how long do you have to keep this regimen?

DR: It’s six two-minute sketches.

NTV: Already filmed?

DR: Yeah.

NTV: And how’re you gonna know if it’s successful?

DR: Heavy is all excited about it and they’ll keep up. We’ll do more if the kids like it.

NTV: Do you watch other shows on the web then?

DR: Nah man, I’m just a Google freak. I like to just type words into Google and see what comes up. My favorite site is

NTV: Shut up.

DR: Seriously. The kids love it, son.

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