We’ve Got 8 Cores!


Good Morning Apple! Thanks for the 8 Core Mac Pros!
Now I just need to figure out where the money to fund one of these puppies is coming from…


Kyle Korleski

Smexy 8 core Mac Pros! I can’t wait to purchase this, seeing as I purchased my MacBook Pro right BEFORE the new ones came out in October 2006. Still grumbling over that.


i don’t know how offtopic this could possibly be, but does anyone know if apple is dropping any new macbook pros? anything is appreciated

Chris Holland

Imagine a beowulf cluster of those … 8)

Speaking of cluster, does anyone know whether Apple’s planning to bring 8-core goodness to the Xserves? Is it even achievable?


Not benefit? You need 8 cores just to run any web page with Flash. ;-)


If you’re the type of person who needs to figure out where to get the cash for this “puppy”, you’re probably not the type of person who would benefit greatly from eight cores.


noticed that it still ships with tiger… so new hardware goodies, but old software! So you have some time to save and wait for Leopard.

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