Dvorak: iPhone battery dead after 40 minutes

Although John C. Dvorak cited thin margins and Apple’s inability to play the fashion game fast enough in a recent MarketWatch column urging the company to pull the plug on the iPhone, he revealed far different reasons on the latest episode of This Week in Tech (TWiT).

During Episode 93 of the top-ranked podcast, Dvorak said he received information from “a guy at Cingular who’s testing the product.” The unnamed, male Cingular employee told Dvorak “there’s lots of issues.”

“He says the amateur mistake that they made is not having a removable battery,” Dvorak said. “You run 20 minutes and you’re using up half the battery power. You get 40 minutes total talk time. And the interface fouls up constantly.”

Those reasons seem more legitimate to consider ‘pulling the plug’ on a product. So why weren’t they mentioned in his column?

“He’s telling me confidentially and I shouldn’t be telling anybody,” Dvorak explained.

Apparently telling the hundreds of thousands who listen to TWiT doesn’t count as telling anybody.

I don’t know how Cingular runs their ship, but if that tester were working at Apple I have a feeling he’d be fired immediately if anyone found out he was leaking information to Dvorak.