Cario Notebook concept: car insurance not included


Cario_notebookFrom a conceptual standpoint, the Cario Notebook design is interesting and innovative. The Cario is intended to be standard notebook that you can mount to a car steering wheel as needed. While that’s nice for when you’re sitting in the local Starbuck’s parking to steal borrow some free WiFi, you just know that if this concept ever sees the light of day, we’ll be hearing about someone sending Twitter messages from the wheel at 70 mph. Definitely a grade of "A" for design and innovation, but I’m going with a "C-" for practicality. Can you just imagine your auto insurance agent’s eyes if they ever saw this in your car? ;)

(via Laptop Blog)



that screen cover locks the wheel to dash, so you can’t use it while driving….

but umpcs can ;)

Tax Man

I’m wondering what happens when the airbag deploys. Ouch! Laptop at 200 mph…that can’t be good for the LCD! LOL

Anton P. Nym

Teensy-weensy problem with that mounting… if the airbag goes off, it may sting a bit.

— Steve

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