Apple Drops LCD Prices


Excellent! And why not a shiny new Apple LCD to go with that 8 core beast?

Apple dropped their prices across the board on their beautiful (allbeit overpriced) LCD line. The breakdown:

30″ Cinema HD Display dropped to $1799 ($200 price cut).
23″ Cinema HD Display dropped to $899 ($100 price cut).
20″ Cinema HD Display dropped to $599 ($100 price cut).

Might also point out that the Special Deals section has 30″ Displays for $1499 and 20″ Displays for $499. They’re still a bit more expensive than the rest of the industry, but that’s Apple, right?



My guess is that new models, with iSight cameras built-in, are on the way.

Lee Webb

Ah, the uk 20″ is now £398.99…took a while to update I guess.


It’s probably got something to do with the fact that the manufacturing yield of larger LCD screens is getting more efficient which drives prices down generally, and the fact that Dell/NEC are improving their output quality somewhat (which was questionable in the past).


Isn’t this just because LEDs might be showing up soon?

Chris Williams

OK, let me eat my words. I see that Dell’s award winning 30″ display is now down at $1499…

To quote Rosanne Rosannadanna: “Nevermind…”

Chris Williams

At this point, doesn’t the $1799 for the 30″ pretty much make it competitive with everyone else? Last I checked this is around what Dell, NEC, and others wanted for their 30″ LCDs.

Mind you, if the choice is between this monitor or a month’s rent, I understand it isn’t “cheap”… but is it still “overpriced” at this point?

Lee Webb

Never mind that….why is the 20″ still £529 in the uk when in the states it’s $599?

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