Yahoo Messed Up Not Buying Facebook: Analyst

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Needham analyst Mark May is out with a research note on Yahoo today, and says that the portal made a mistake not paying up to buy Facebook. The report says “It appears that since then Facebook has far exceeded the assumptions Yahoo supposedly used to value Facebook.” That reports were around and upwards of $1 billion, when the rumors started circulating last year.
Also, it has some upbeat number on Facebook’s growth: “Based on press reports and on our industry contacts, we believe Facebook recently surpassed 21 million registered users (with a 90%+ monthly active rate) and is generating 1.5 billion total pageviews per month. That would imply 2,329 average monthly pageviews per active user

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Fred Flintstone

they have tons of kids. kids have no money. kids have no loyalty. kids are dumb. facebook is rich with monopoly money. yahoo was smart to not buy it and let the fools at google buy it.

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