Shuffling Past iTunes


This isn’t a new bit of software (according to the release date, it’s coming up on it’s 1 year birthday), but it’s something I hadn’t been aware of until I caught a blip about it on LifeHacker. The iPod Shuffle Database Builder is handy in case you don’t dig on iTunes all that much.

You see it enables you to drag and drop files onto your Shuffle as if it were a drive mounted to your computer. Typically the Shuffle won’t then acknowledge those files for playback. Enter the Database Builder. After you’ve dropped your song files onto the Shuffle, run the Database Builder and it will tell the iPod how to properly handle those for for easy listening on the go.

The iPod Shuffle Database Builder is built to run anywhere Python runs, so this is especially handy if you’re running some system that doesn’t currently have iTunes available.

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