Lenovo X60 Tablet gets a Core 2 Duo inside

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Lenovo_x60GottaBeMobile eye-spied the update on the Lenovo X60 product page: if you want a Core 2 Duo in your X60 Tablet PC, it’s yours for the ordering. You’ll have to ante up anywhere from $25 to $225 for the updated CPU, depending on the clock speed, screen resolution and multi-touch functionality.

It’s also worth mentioning that Lenovo is offering a $400 savings on the X60 Tablet through April 16th. Details indicate that the Tablet price reflects a $300 discount in combination with a $100 discount of the X6 UltraBase. The UltraBase is an expansion dock that supports an optical drive, extra battery or hard drive, VGA out and more.

1 Comment

Philip Ferris

I find my ultrabase indispensible, on’t need to carry DVD drive with me but it’s there when i need it. So slim i can consider carrying it in my backpack for long trips or even flying with just hand luggage.

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