Google, finally shows its funny side


The world will get a chuckle out of Google’s April Fools prank, “TiSP.” But unless you’ve been following their plans with Earthlink to develop a citywide wifi program pretty closely, you might have missed the element of mockery.

You see, a competing plan proposed by San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano proposed building out a municipally owned network by laying fiber-optic cable alongside the city’s underground sewers.

Local columnist Matt Smith called Ammiano’s plan a “boondoggle” in this weeks San Francisco Weekly, though also complained that Gavin Newsom’s lack of political skill is what’s keeping Google from giving away “what amounts to free beer.”

Touche, Google. Touche.



At first I thought this might explain Google’s recent purchases of the ‘dark fiber’. Afterall, they would need the fiber to support the bandwidth for the free wireless internet connection they are offering. Unfortunately this is just an april fool joke but Google becoming ISP is not that far off.

free price quotes


Most idiotic spoof !!
certainly not expected on google standards, if they plan to set one !!



just shows there are too many geeks in the company with less work.
– thinking about toilets
– bringing dogs to work
– eat free food
– roller hockey
– sleep at work

Google shows its ugly corporate side where people will email this link around and everyone who visits will generate a hit to Google site, maybe a % of them will search on Google and a fraction of this % will generate $$$ via Ads.

Phil Butler

It is apparent that funny rules the Web for sure! I tend to be the more serious type, but you have to be able to laugh.

Next we will have Google scratch and sniff ads called Adsnifs.

Coward Blogger

As far as I remember, Google has been pulling pranks for the last 3 years keep it’s corporate humor kicking and alive on April Fool’s day.

Surprisingly, Microsoft hasn’t yet copied this April Fool concept :-)

Phil Rack

Sounds kind of crappy to me. I wonder if it will require a new kind of packet sniffer? Ha! Ha!

April Fools everyone!

Om Malik

Thanks Steve. Since everyone is doing the April Fool’s Joke thing today, I think we are going to sit back and enjoy the whole thing by reading other people’s funnies.

Steve Morsa

…takes “bathroom humor” and “potty jokes” to a whole new level…happy April Fools day, GigaOm team!

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