EMI Music to Become DRM-Free on Monday?

The BBC is reporting that EMI is having a media event on Monday, with Steve Jobs appearing as a special guest.

Many people are saying this means the Beatles will finally sell their songs on the iTunes Music Store. However, I don’t think that warrants Steve Jobs flying to England to appear at a media event.

No, I think that EMI is going to start selling all its songs DRM free on the iTunes Store. Maybe the Beatles will sell their songs on the iTunes Store also, but I think the real news will be that EMI songs will not have any DRM.

For those who don’t know, Steve Jobs published an essay in February called Thoughts on Music. He talked about how DRM is hurting the industry, and called on record labels to offer their music DRM-free.

Once EMI eliminates DRM, the door will be opened for the rest of the record labels to do the same. Of course, the independent labels are probably itching to do this already, so, my Monday morning, a large percentage of the music on the iTunes Store could very well be DRM free.


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