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To Watch This Weekend: The Sopranos Screener

Can’t wait until April 8th for the final story arc on The Sopranos? Neither can I! The good news is, we don’t have to. There’s a leaked copy of the first new episode on Mininova, being tracked from Demonoid‘s servers. This wasn’t exactly mentioned in the reports on HBO’s official promotional effort for the show.

But, it might just lead to a few new customers. It’s similar to how the following YouTube version of the “Deaths” promotional spot might not be official, but no harm will come to HBO if I use it because their own video promo page doesn’t support embeds, right? They haven’t pulled palgy83‘s great Soprano’s recap yet, so I figure no goombahs will darken my doorstep.

According to a commenter on Mininova, “It has the time blacked out in the top right and the quality is not the best I have seen.” I, of course, wouldn’t never infringe on a sacred copyright and download content for free from a potentially unofficial source. Now excuse me while I go reconfigure my firewall port forwarding settings and update my installation of PeerGuardian.

One Response to “To Watch This Weekend: The Sopranos Screener”

  1. HBO totally dropped the ball on marketing for the final season of the Sopranos, they need to wake up and hire somebody like palgy83 to work for them instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign that was lackluster at best