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Nokia’s Secret Mobile Search Plans

Google might be the king of web-based search, but the field is still wide open when it comes to mobile search. Many a few companies are taking different approach to mobile search, and Nokia is one of them.

The company filed a patent search application for a semantic visual search engine, according to Unwired View blog. We would let the Search Engine technology experts handle the analysis of this patent application. However, it does make sense for Nokia to do research around this topic, especially since it is betting so heavily on camera phones.

4 Responses to “Nokia’s Secret Mobile Search Plans”

  1. This could be revolutionary if they ever end up getting it to work. But…as it seems that most companies are still having problems with voice dial, this might be a ways off. But I can imagine being in a foreign city, filming some building with your camera phone and having the address/phone#/reviews pop up. They should just team up with the folks at Samsung that are making the machine gun robot. It has no problem identifying what it is filming :)