iPhone due June 11?


Cnet says the iPhone will be available on June 11 according to a customer service manager at Cingular. I’ve tried to follow news stories by calling my carrier’s customer service line and asking questions — often I’ve found the results to be unreliable. But who knows.



I think Olivier is pretty correct though: Take out Visual Voicemail and the Iphone looks like a lot of other phones, feature wise. The no-tactile-feedback inteface seems a bit of a worry to me, but I’ll forgive it everything if it’s quickly hacked to run everyone’s third party software, and then if someone produces a cute VOIP client that integrates well in to the rest of the phone’s interface.

Jesse Kopelman

Sure Oliver, it had nothing to do with the guaranteed handset sales and revenue share Cingular gave them.


Because some features of the Iphone (like the new voicemail) need infrastructure modification, and Apple don’t want to sell his Iphone without guarantying his customers “the full experience”.


I tried the Cingular/ATT 800 line also, and the agent said she had no idea when the iphone will be released and she went on the Apple web site while i was on the line, saying there was no information there. I think the date is speculation, and Apple’s reps won’t comment. Still, it makes total sense to release it June 11, start of WWDC. I wonder if the hotels will be filled and the roadways jammed in SF that day…the intrigue!


Why does apple not sell the iphone unlocked?
All major retailers in europe/asia sell high end phones Unlocked/Unbranded.

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