ICANN Turns Down Request For Adult Site Domain


ICANN, the agency that regulates internet domains, rejected a proposal for adult entertainment sites to have their own three-x top domain. Among other reasons, supporters want to make it easier to safeguard children from accessing the sites — a not-insubstantial argument. But ICANN chairman Vint Cerfe and the majority of the board opposed the idea of acting as a content regulator, voting 9-5 with one abstention to reject the current three-year-old application at this week’s meeting in Portugal. (Meeting transcript.) The board said the request raised public policy and law enforcement issues, adding that: “there are credible scenarios that lead to circumstances in which ICANN would be forced to assume an ongoing management and oversight role regarding Internet content, which is inconsistent with its technical mandate.” It was rejected in 2006, too.
MKTW: “When asked at a press event later in the day if the board would ever revisit the issue, Cerf said ‘over my dead body.'”
Susan Crawford, dissenting board member, on her blog: “I found the resolution adopted by the Board … both weak and unprincipled. I am troubled by the path the Board has followed on this issue since I joined the Board in December of 2005. I would like to make two points. First, ICANN only creates problems for itself when it acts in an ad hoc fashion in response to political pressures. Second, ICANN should take itself seriously as a private governance institution with a limited mandate and should resist efforts by governments to veto what it does.” This is just a small excerpt for those interested in more detail head to her entry. (via Wired News)
AP has a good FAQ on the ICANN domain process.

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