YouTube + MOG = MTV 2.0

What happens when you take all the music videos on YouTube and mash them up with the music-based social network MOG? You get MTV 2.0, or how music videos network for the post-YouTube age should be.

MOG, a Berkeley, Calif.-based start-up that runs and operates a music oriented social network, is coming out of beta after six months with a heavy emphasis on music videos that match your personal musical choices. MOG offers a variety of social services around music, though unlike its competitors and MyStrands, it doesn’t stream music to your computer.

The company offers a piece of software, MOG-A-MATIC, that tracks what you are listening to on your iPod or on your computer and posts it to your personal MOG page. It lets you form social networks around your musical tastes or your favorite bands. But that isn’t the fun part.

The fun part is MOG.TV, which basically is like your own MTV channel. By taping into 400,000 odd music videos on YouTube and then matching them to your favorite artists (or music styles) MOG creates your music video channel.

“MOG TV is what MTV should have become,” David Hyman, founder and CEO of MOG, said Wednesday. His company has developed back-end tools that sift through videos to match them up to your musical tastes. Since Google/YouTube have licensed a lot of content from music labels, there is little chance of the video-mash-up being shut down, Hyman told us.

Another fun feature of the service is called Magic Button. Push the button, and you get recommendations of all MOG content – music, videos, news, and reviews – to match what you are listening to at any given time.