And what is Project Agape?


Earlier this month we had reported that Sean Parker, an entrepreneurial fella whose past affiliations have included Napster, Plaxo and Facebook, was working on a new start-up, that was looking to apply viral marketing with activism.

seanparker.jpgWe met with Parker earlier this week for dinner where we discussed how viral growth could be applied to “activism.” That is the premise behind the Berkeley, Calif.-based start-up, currently named, Project Agape, Parker explained.

He pointed to the Facebook group for Barack Obama that has helped the Democratic Presidential Candidate build a supporter base in campuses across the country. But why limit this to just politics, for there are more more worthy causes that could benefit from viral networks, that can become effective fund raising mechanisms, with the right incentives of course.

Michael Arrington got to see the working prototype and has more details on the new start-up.



Agape is greek for love. However, the many uses of the word agape today may or may not render it unsuitable for a typical web 2.0 service. Not least the christian/lutheran references. See Wikipedia.

Tim Hannigan

This reminds me of an ethical consumerism social network called that has a social network as well as creates clusters based on geolocation as well.

Really excited to see where agape and fivelimes goes as they build critical mass.

My Himachal

Now this is something which is required all across the globe. Not only this would help in changing the face of politics but also would determine that new technologies used properly can clean the bad world of politics.


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