In-desk iPod Dock


ipodgrom.pngBelkin has a new product coming soon. It is an iPod dock that fits in a standard grommet hole in your desk. The device has a stero-out jack and of course, you can charge your iPod with it.

Seems like a pretty smart idea since it reclaims what could easily be wasted space on your desk. This iPod dock is part of a series of new in-desk products from Belkin. Two USB hubs will also be available soon. Link to In-Desk USB Hub. Link to Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub. All three products cost $39.99.



Paul Nowak

I’m about to do the same thing with my desk. But instead of having grommet hole, I did this hole myselft and it fits iPod adapters. I only did tests with pice of wood, but it worked out, any now it’s high time for desk :)

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