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In the “why wasn’t this already here from the very beginning?” category, today Apple debuted a new feature within iTunes that lets you purchase a full album from which you had already purchased songs, without having to repurchase those individual tracks, and getting duplicates.

The service, which is labeled as a “Limited Time Offer” within the iTunes store, reviews your purchase history, and subtracts .99 per track from the standard album purchase price. Typically, that would make a $9.99 album $9.00 if you already bought one track, for example. According to the iTunes Store, this limited time offer expires on June 26, 2007 for almost all albums, so you’ve got just under 3 months to take advantage.

Logging into my “Complete My Album” section, I’m told I have 135 albums to choose from where I could take save myself a buck or two here and there. The default view is to sort by best-selling albums across all iTunes buyers, so for me I was presented with artists like Snow Patrol, Gnarls Barkley and the Killers at the top, while my more odd selections would be buried on subsequent pages.


You can also sort the albums by Artist Name, Price, Purchase Date, or oddly enough, Expiration Date for this one-time offer. Of the 135 albums I’m offered “on sale” only two had a date other than June 26th. One was offered as August 9th, and a second was offered as August 30th of this year. According to initial reports, this is because “The offer is good for the 180 days after the individual tracks are first purchased.”, so just maybe I haven’t been buying one-off tracks in the last six months.

So, if you’ve been waiting to fill out that album where you liked a couple tracks, now is the time. Apple hopes you’ll jump in and complete your music collection today.

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Bob George

Complete My Album isn’t a limited time offer — the limited time offer is to be able to Complete Your Album no matter when you purchased your eligible songs on iTunes. The usual deal will be that you’ll have “up to six months after first downloading a song from an eligible album to purchase the remainder of the album.”

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