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More on DoubleClick Possible Sale and Synergies With Microsoft

Last night we noted a WSJ report about online ad serving giant DoubleClick being on the block again, and ita talks with Microsoft and others. Tonight a follow up story, also from WSJ, about how the deal will have good synergies for the software giant.
Though DoubleClick has gone through some rough patches, its revenue should be more than $300 million this year, the story says. . More important for Microsoft, DCLK brings expertise and experience that its lead competitors — Google and Yahoo — already have but that MSFT is only now just learning.
Following the WSJ story last night, in an eimail to customers yesterday, DoubleClick CEO David Rosenblatt didn’t confirm or deny company’s plans, the new story says. He wrote that the company is “continuously exploring ways to maximize our growth.” Also, DoubleClick maintains “an active dialogue with financial advisors regarding future growth strategies,” he wrote.
ClickZ: The deal could put DoubleClick in hot water with its publisher clients, including AOL, which would be loathe to let the company access user data flowing through DoubleClick’s DART ad serving system, and which compete directly with Microsoft’s MSN for ad dollars.

2 Responses to “More on DoubleClick Possible Sale and Synergies With Microsoft”

  1. Hunter Anderson

    I think people are underestimating the role that Yahoo has in the market place.
    Yahoo would love to do away with 3rd party ad serving. Acquiring DoubleClick has little to do with the technology and the people and more to do with the need Yahoo has to change the market place. 3rd party ad serving is a threat to Yahoo in today’s market.

  2. The main problem with this deal is that Doubleclick's value drops the moment it gets acquired because their customers will start bailing out of channel conflict fear.