Eisner To Provide Short-Form Video To MySpace

Former Disney chief Michael Eisner has struck a deal with MySpace to provide short-form video to the site, FT reports. The agreement comes after Eisner’s digital production studio Vuguru launched earlier this month. The deal with MySpace gives Eisner an additional distribution channel for Vuguru’s first production, an online drama called Prom Queen.
As we reported two weeks ago, the series is slated to debut April 2, with a roll out over 80 days in 90-second installments. This is in addition to running on vuguru.com, promqueen.tv (not live yet), sponsor Ellegirl’s site, YouTube and Veoh, which is partially backed by Eisner as well. He is also working on distribution deals involving mobile and handheld video players.
Under the terms of the deal, MySpace members will be able to watch Prom Queen a day before episodes appear anywhere else on the internet.