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Amp’d Mobile May Face $100K Fine From FCC

The Federal Communications Commission in U.S. is proposing a $100K fine against Amp’d Mobile and two other companies for failing to protect consumers’ personal calling records from thieves. The FCC has proposed such fines against at least three other U.S. companies since January 2006 for failing to comply with rules requiring that consumer phone records be protected by internal safeguards.
Amp’d assured the FCC in a letter in February that its internal procedures protect customer phone records but did not specify those procedures….its spokesperson tells AP that “the proposed fine is based on a misunderstanding”.
The FCC gave Amp’d Mobile and the two others 30 days to provide more information to avoid the $100k fine or request a lower fine. Amp’d annual sales are estimated to be about $5.1 million, the story says, though not sure how they got that figure.
The FCC ruling on this is for download here, or you can download/read from below (RSS readers will have to click through)