Serial Number Storage Roundup


There has been recent discussion around here about how folks keep track of the plethora of serial numbers and licenses for all their dandy applications.

Everything from homegrown PHP/MySQL solutions to old fashioned email to actual applications was mentioned. Needless to say there are some creative people who read TAB.

This post aims to roundup all of those applications. I won’t bother covering the custom built stuff…just the things readily available to the masses. Some are free, some or not. Hopefully this post will help you find something that works for you!

The Apps

RapidoSerial (FREE) – Originally called SerialSticker, RapidoSerial is one of the stronger options. It lets you store a lot of significant (and insignificant) info. The interface is about as straight forward as it gets. While some of the other apps can be used for other types of information, this really is geared directly toward storing serial numbers. One drawback is the inability to store the license files that some apps require.

Wallet ($14.95) – We originally mentioned Wallet in our 10 OS X Apps You Might Not Know About But Should article and it continues to be a favorite. One of the big draws with Wallet is the Blowfish encryption it uses and its ability to store many more types of secure information than just serial numbers.

LicenseKeeper ($19.95) – One of the most full featured options available, this one really is the king of serial/license storage. While the interface is deceivingly simple (that’s a good thing), it really does have a lot of great features. One thing it does, that the others do not is give you the ability to attach both license files and emails to the application, which is extremely useful.

Licensed (FREE) – This one is probably my least favorite. While other apps let you import your applications and auto-fill in a lot of info (such as Company, Product Name, Version, etc), Licensed requires you to type in all of that info manually. It also does not have app icon previews, which makes for a fairly overwhelming list after you get all of your apps in. Do note, though, this is completely free…so you can’t complain too much.

SplashID ($19.95) – This one wreaks of OS 9. The interface is extremely outdated and hard to use and it requires manual input of information. The only reason I decided to include it is its pre-setup category fields. It comes ready to dynamically change out field types based on the type of information (Login, Prescriptions, Bank Account Info, Insurance Numbers, etc).

Yojimbo ($39) – Originally mentioned in our Note Takign App Faceoff, Yojimbo is a beast of an app (in a good way). While the price tag is fairly steep compared to the other applications, it does significantly more than just store serial numbers. It’s pretty much capable of storing every type of information you can imagine…including serial numbers. It comes with a preset “Serial Number” information type that is quite handy. I would not recommend this if you just want to store serial numbers. Rather, if you want to store a lot of information in addition to serial numbers.

Keychain (FREE) – Last, but certain not least, is OS X’s very own Keychain. It comes with every copy of OS X and is what is used to store, among other things, the passwords you save in Safari and other applications. What is nice about Keychain is it lets you create custom fields so you can piece together and input only the info you know you will need for your serial numbers. The main drawbacks are its inability to store license files and app icon previews.

Wrapping Up

There is no clear winner here of which is the best to use. All have various things to offer at various price points. They all offer free demos so I’d highly suggest giving them all a whirl and figuring out which one works best for you.

My personal favorite is LicenseKeeper (due to the license/email attachment feature) but the drawback, compared to the others, is that it does cost a little bit of cash.



RapidoSerial 1.1 allow now to add license files. Check our new features! And it’s still free !


second vote for steel. solid crypto implementation (blowfish).


Serialbox? :p

No seriously, whats wrong with textedit/stickies/bbedit etc or just a good old fashioned page in a notebook?


I just use a simple text-file. SubEthaEdit to be exact. I put this in a encrypted DMG, as there is more stuff to protect on my machine. It’s a rather small disk image, so I can quickly update each of my machines. Works for me.

Josh Pigford

@Jim: If you’ll check out the post you’ll see that Serial Sticker is actually now known as RapidoSerial (the first one on the list).


RapidoSerial won’t even let you view their site in IE! God forbid I should want to check out their app while I am stuck at work. No access = no sale!


one great one which didn’t get a mention is Pastor, which is also free….. it’s worth checking out! Primarily meant for storing usernames and passwords, but you can easily add serials and licences in there too.



I have created a tag in Gmail which I use to label all of the e-mails that contain serial numbers and license files. Although it does not have all the snazzy functions of some of the applications it seems to be working well for me!

Josh Pigford

@Nathanael: 1Passwd is a password storage app…it’s in no way touted as a serial number storing app. If we included that we might as well include TextEdit.

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