Read e-books on your Zune by converting text to .jpg

JpegbookI’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t the most elegant or workable solution, but you have to give credit for the try. Some enterprising folks created a text-to-jpeg program for the Sony PSP and since a .jpg is a .jpg, you can use it to read text on a Microsoft Zune as well. Details are pretty sketchy to me since the source site is in an Asian language, but there’s no reason this shouldn’t work. The issue of course is that you need to get your reading material in a text format that’s readable by the application. For now, I’ll stick with reading digital content on my Windows Mobile device and UMPC, but it’s nice to see folks try to extend usage for the Zune! Speaking of the Zune, where’s that firmware upgrade we were expecting around mid-March?(Wired Zune via Zune Thoughts)