Does your house VoIP?

oldphone.jpegThe looming VoIP patent mess not withstanding, In-Stat, a market research firm says that 9% of US households were using VoIP at the end of 2006, up by one percent at the end of September 2006. By In-Stat’s estimate, there were about 10.6 million households where at least one member was using some form of VoIP-service at the end of 2006.

If you add up 5 million-plus cable subscribers, 2 million Vonage subscribers and a few of the other independents, you are still left with a few million households that I guess are Skypers and a few hundred thousand Gizmo Project users.


Apparently 61% of residential VoIP users have switched from PSTN, which explains why Verizon & Co., want folks want to put the keibash on Vonage and its kind. It threatens PSTN’s core bread-and-butter business: voice. Or as guest columnist Daniel Berninger would say, the telco battle of mice and incumbents.

The In-Stat survey shows that lower international call prices are the primary reason for the VoIP adoption, especially amongst those of us who use Gizmo Project and Skype. You might remember my rant about poor PSTN quality – I checked my phone bill – holy shit…. that 13 minute call cost me about $11, which is about the same amount I spend on Truphone calls to India.

Regardless, time to ask the community what kind of a VoIP users are you? Cable kind, or someone who uses soft clients or do have still doing the Vonage styled ATA-based VoIP calling?


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