Deal on Default Folder X

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Default Folder XAs silly as it sounds, I still keep track of macZOT! deals. The site has definitely seemed to fizzle in excitement since its inception, but there are still the occasionally attractive deals being offered.

In today’s case, you can get 30% off St Clair Soft’s Default Folder X. This is an application (ok, maybe it’s more of a utility) that is at the top of my list. If you followed the series of Metadata posts last month you heard about it. Essentially it puts OS X Save Dialog boxes on Steroids, offering you favorite folders to navigate quickly to – and my favorite part, it gives you a Spotlight Comments entry window for metadata!

Well if you didn’t buy it then, maybe today will suite a bit more – it’s only $24.50!

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Default Folder x looks to be a great app, but even with a discount it’s over-priced.

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