Core’s Successor Announced

Ars reports that Intel released details on Penryn, which will be the 45nanometer successor to our Macs’ beloved Core 2 Duo processors. There’s all kinds of geeky specs and details if you’re into the mechanics of computer processors.

But if you’re just in it for the looks, er, something like that, here are a couple of juicy deets that should make some sense to you.

  • We can expect video codec processes to see a 40% speed increase
  • 1600MHz front side bus with 6-12mb of L2 cache
  • Enhanced Power Saving features – should be great for portables!

But the biggest news seems to come in the Virtualization arena where they claim a 40% increase in virtualization processes. This should make running any other flavor of OS on our Intel Macs that much sweeter. Oh, and upwards of 3GHz clock speeds and beyond. All in all, next year should bring some mighty speedy Macs.