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TechRestore will upgrade your Apple TV HD

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Apple TV storage upgradeThough the Apple TV has only been available for a few days, a few folks have already pulled it apart and successfully swapped out the default 40GB hard drive for a more spacious one. Now TechRestore is offering to do the work for Apple TV owners and upgrade their drives overnight.

The upgrade service ranges from 60GB-160GB, and pricing includes all parts and installation:

  • 60GB Storage Upgrade: $99.99
  • 80GB Storage Upgrade: $149.99
  • 100GB Storage Upgrade: $169.99
  • 120GB Storage Upgrade: $179.99
  • 160GB Storage Upgrade: $219.99

Customers can choose to self-ship or use the overnight door-to-door pickup option. Once TechRestore receives the Apple TV, its technicians will install the storage upgrade within 24 hours and send the unit back overnight.

Keep in mind that, as with all hard drives, storage capacities are estimates and are typically lower after formatting. But even the 60GB option would be a big increase over the stock drive’s 32GB of space.

TechRestore Overnight Storage Upgrade for Apple TV

15 Responses to “TechRestore will upgrade your Apple TV HD”

  1. No matter what people post, I’ve synced my iTunes to my Apple TV and the only way I see to view pictures is using the screen saver. All my movies would fantastic, as do Music and Podcasts (a great way to watch Educational HOW-TO stuff on the big screen!)..

    Perhaps Version two.oh, of the AppleTV will resolve the Photo Album issues..

  2. Redlance305: The internal drive is not used just to “buffer” incoming content. It is used for storing a single computer’s audio, video and photo libraries. It is referred to as syncing the Apple TV. In fact, you cannot view photos on Apple TV unless you copy them to the Apple TV’s internal drive by initiating a sync.

    Galley: HD can also refer to hard drive, at least according to Wikipedia

  3. I think the benefit of having the larger drive inside the appletv is that you will not have to use your computer at all once you sync your content. With every movie, song or photo on your appletv, you just turn on your TV and do not worry about using your computer. Oh, the appletv only plays photos that are stored on the drive, so if you have lots of photos, this is another good reason to upgrade.

  4. Can someone explain why we’d need the upgrade. As far as I can tell, the internal hard drive (for the moment) is only used to “buffer” incoming videos/music/etc. The media is still stored on the Computer Hosting the iTunes sessions!.. I KNOW I gotta be MISSING something, right!!?? —- Apple Remote Desktop sees the Apple TV, does anyone know the username and password?