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YouTube to launch mobile website soon

CTIA 2007 — YouTube will launch its mobile website in June 2007 for U.S. users, according to a spokesperson. The mobile YouTube site will go live once the exclusivity clause on the company’s mobile video deal with Verizon Wireless expires. The service will be live for European users in May. YouTube has been already working closely with mobile carriers, and handset makers such as Nokia on the mobile version of their video service.

In response to my question if YouTube is developing a mobile client, the spokesperson said that the company had been talking about it, but had no information to share at this time. Check out a preview of the blocked mobile site or this demo site: which you can see from some mobile phones (let us know if your phone can access it).

The mobile site when it goes live will have around 800 “editorial picks” of videos to choose from. It’s kind of an experiment to see how well things go and how good of a response the company gets, the spokesperson explained to us. Though, the end goal is to create a truly mobile YouTube experience with eventual access to the entire video catalog.

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  1. This looks like a great idea. A lot of sites whose services are like that of You Tube are working in partnership of other companies to boost their popularity. Imeem, for example, has partnered with Friendster.

    It’s already 2008, what happened to this plan? Was this pushed through?

  2. I think it’s interesting how everything is become more and more mobile, such that we’ll all be connected to the Internet at all times. Think of Amazon’s Kindle, which allows you to connect to Sprint’s mobile network to download books at an instant. And now YouTube’s mobile version. I think mobile information technology is where it’s all headed.

  3. hey i just got an iPhone, and i have heard that they are installing flash from MANY websites. i be this is part of the plan! I read on one site that apple was interviewed, but they didnt answer many questions. If they put flash on it (my phone does not have flash) then i bet i will be able to use it. since yesterday, i went to on my phone, and it was also a mobile version. sounds cool!