YouTube to launch mobile website soon


CTIA 2007 — YouTube will launch its mobile website in June 2007 for U.S. users, according to a spokesperson. The mobile YouTube site will go live once the exclusivity clause on the company’s mobile video deal with Verizon Wireless expires. The service will be live for European users in May. YouTube has been already working closely with mobile carriers, and handset makers such as Nokia on the mobile version of their video service.

In response to my question if YouTube is developing a mobile client, the spokesperson said that the company had been talking about it, but had no information to share at this time. Check out a preview of the blocked mobile site or this demo site: which you can see from some mobile phones (let us know if your phone can access it).

The mobile site when it goes live will have around 800 “editorial picks” of videos to choose from. It’s kind of an experiment to see how well things go and how good of a response the company gets, the spokesperson explained to us. Though, the end goal is to create a truly mobile YouTube experience with eventual access to the entire video catalog.



Youtube really have no choice but to do this. If they really want to remain ahead, getting into the mobile market now instead of later is the obvious and best choice. I applaud their vision, and hope they get on with it quickly.

Not only will it allow for youtube to be accessible, but it will probably contribute to technology in a wonderful way helping us all to become more mobile, and opening up the opportunities for more technologies and companies in the mobile market- or to use the mobile market. My mind has a lot of ideas here, but we will see what youtube can pull off.

Thanks for the update.


The Helio Ocean can view the blocked site- no problem.

watch free tv

comments not working? anyways check out to see what they’be been up to with social networking and mobile phones.


my cingular v3i (unlocked) picked it up, but i used my opera mini browswer instead of the standard wap browser…

YouTube via SMS?

Text “youtube ” to 44636 (4INFO). You’ll receive a response with video titles and links, but very few phones offer the flash support needed to display the full YouTube page at present. This is a 4INFO open platform service ( that took all of ten minutes to set up, but is clearly of limited utility now. Once YouTube Mobile is online it should be more interesting (for those YouTube junkies that prefer the speed of SMS search before initiating a WAP session, at least).

— M

Adrian Keys

It would be a natural move for YouTube to go mobile…if fact if it does not I would think it has missed out on the much bigger opportunity.

Zhigang Chen

Would be great to have them join the party. You can already search for and play videos from YouTube and many others at Let us know what you think. Thanks!

Katie Fehrenbacher

For commenters who aren’t able to access the mobile YouTube site — that’s because it hasn’t launched yet. The demo link (
is something that was unearthed by some bloggers over the past few weeks and it seems like only select phones have been able to access it. I don’t think YouTube meant to leave that link unblocked, and I’m not sure of the phone criteria for access of it. If I learn more about it, I’ll update the post.

Katie Fehrenbacher

Yakito, the site will be live for US users in June and earlier for users in Europe. Im not sure for other areas. I actually went back to the booth and double checked with the YouTube spokesperson on the different months for different geographies because I thought it was surprising — spokesperson said the site will be blocked for the US until the exclusivity of the Verizon Wireless deal runs out.


On related note, Gmail has been down for hours today. Infact, the Gmail website also doesn’t respond. It seems Google is having problems with scalability.

Abdul Aziz

There already are plenty of websites available to watch or download videos from a mobile device. Exclusivity wont help YouTube gain any paid gains for its mobile site.


[…][…] YouTube Mobile – YouTube’s mobile site will go live in June 2007, once the exclusivity clause on the deal with Verizon Wireless ends. (via) […][…]

Is this just for the US?

Markus Goebel

Too sad!

All the Youtube links in your article don’t work. Every page says “This page is not available”. I was really courious to see Youtube on my Nokia E61. Neither the Nokia browser nor Opera mini show me a movie.

Does anybody know how the built in Flash Player works? It seems to play only downloaded Flash animations. But who has that? Flash is normally embedded in websites like Youtube.

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