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LG Phones to Bundle Google Apps

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CTIA 2007 — LG says it will pre-install Google’s mobile apps, including Maps and Gmail, on millions of LG phones that will be sold in North America, Europe and Asia starting in the second quarter of 2007. In February, LG announced a similar deal with Yahoo’s mobile services. An interesting aspect of the announcement is that LG and Google say they will jointly market LG-Google handsets — I wonder how many of the major U.S. carriers will be interested in those marketing efforts?

LG says it will offer one-click access to Google search in its menu, and preload Google Maps, Gmail, and Blogger. LG also says it will launch 10 of the new LG-Google phones this year. Google and Samsung also have a similar deal for mobile services as do Samsung and Yahoo. The LG-Google deal, and Yahoo’s partnerships with other device makers show that handset makers are beginning to realize the consumer appeal of popular web services such email and IM services, and that they can be an attractive sales tool.

15 Responses to “LG Phones to Bundle Google Apps”

  1. What I’d like to see is a phone that has the following:

    1. A built in SIP stack that supports G729 codec. That will allow you to use a low cost voip provider and minimum bandwidth for voip call.

    2. Wifi access.
      I travel a Lot and use my phone all over the world. Even if outside a providers coverage area. Having WiFi on the phone will allow you to make SIP calls using your voip account.

    3. 3G / HSDPA
      In order to have a useful internet connection you need a phone that supports 3G / HSDPA. Not only will this help with sending and receiving emails, using voip and browsing but it really makes a bid difference with you use your phone as a modem for your laptop while traveling about.

    4. Memory and Operating System:
      You need a phone that has a enough memory for applications. Most phone browsers are absolutely useless and you’ll probably want to replace your phone default browser with Opera Mini or something else to your liking. If you use Gmail as a mail provider make sure your phone supports Gmail’s phone IMAP application.

  2. That’s great news! I’m actually a fan of LG mobile phones primarily because they’re durable. It’s good to know that they have plans of partnering with Google. Now I have the reason to purchase another LG for my mobile businesses and transactions.

    • I don’t have much experience with LG Phones but have played with just about everything else out here. maybe its time to see what LG has to offer.

      By the way… you are soooooooo hott!!

  3. I have to say that I’m just happy that they’ve chosen Google and Yahoo, and not Microsoft! That was a relief. But, I do hope that these built in browsers allow you to change your preference. That would be great. Nothing would be worse but a ‘force use’ of a particular engine here. The built-in should only be for convenience, but if you want to change you should be allowed to.

    But it certainly is encouraging to see that mobile manufacturers are seeing what is here : we need more support for mobile internet and the like.