Work Around For The 10.4.9 Eject Button Delay


In case you’re not a fan of the delayed eject functionality that 10.4.9 brings to your system, here’s a quick tip on getting around it.

If you want to eject your disc, and not be bothered to wait, hit the Eject key, and then quickly follow it by pressing the CMD + Option keys. You’ll get your disc back quickly, just as you used to.

I personally don’t mind the delay (now that I know how to get around it) as I’ve accidently ejected discs before, that I didn’t want to.

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Kyle Hansen

To answer Yakov,

I work in a STUDIO. I have 2 Superdrives in my 8-Core Mac Pro. I am ejecting media and using both drives constantly. The whole reason we use Macs as opposed to PC’s in the studio is an issue of “productivity uptime.” I lose a lot of time due to this retarded delay. I can understand why apple did it. I imagine that some people (old people, people with no coordination, people typing in the dark on laptops, people not paying attention) were accidentally ejecting their optical media. But this is the most frustrating thing Apple has ever done to us in this update. I will say one more thing…

Why didn’t they just write that into the Keyboard and Mouse System Preferences as an “Option” allowing people to choose? It’s very “Windoze Like” not to give us a choice.


You’re obviously making too many mistakes if you’re constantly hitting the eject key. It really should be an option, not a required feature. It’s less of an issue if you’re using a full sized keyboard, so what’s the point? Like a monkey, the lack of response just caused me to hit again, repeatedly.


Guys! Are you nuts?! I was praying to get this feature – I’m typing a LOT on powerbook so I pushed on eject accidently once or twice a day. Thanks apple!


Once you are done importing those CD’s, you won’t ever need to save that one-second delay. Therefore, adding an option somewhere to turn ON and OFF that delay, just for the unprobable extreme case that someone is gonna import hundreds of CD’s, is just not worth the hassle. And, in the other hand, the more common problem of ejecting a CD by mistake is solved.


Im importing about 200 cd’s into itunes at the moment and find the delay slightly annoying & thus why im searching for a fix, but otherwise its not a problem. just wish you could turn it on or off some how


yea i thought his would be a welcome feature for many — i can guarantee you that it takes MORE than one second when you accidentally eject a disc and have to put it back in and wait for the OS to load it.

Yakov Chodosh

What the hell is wrong with you people? It’s a one second delay! What else were you planning to do with that second? How is that you don’t have time to hold down the eject button for one second but you have time to complain about it on a blog?

I have a MacBook and I’m very happy with the new delay, it was a smart feature to add, thank you Apple.


This is just another attempt at Apple to wrap its users in cotton wool. How patronising!


Are you sure? Cmd-Opt-Eject is the shortcut for sleep…

I’ve tried all the various ‘fixes’ for the eject button delay. but all of them only give the appearance of speed because of the fact that you have to do more after pressing eject. The order in which you press the keys makes no difference. The eject button needs to be held down for at least a second.

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