Useful Terminal Settings


OS X has all sorts of little tweaks that can be made to it via the Terminal. These are usually items that aren’t available via the operating system GUI. In many cases, developers have made little utilities that allow you to make these changes outside the terminal. But instead of having to track those utilities down, here’s a good list of some of the more useful things you can change, all via the Terminal.

My favorite is number 2, which changes the functionality of the little arrow that appears next to your songs in iTunes.

defaults write invertStoreLinks -bool YES

Entering the above into your Terminal (and hitting enter) will alter the function of the arrow buttons so they no longer point to the store, but to other songs by the artist, within your library.

Check out the list for other tips that may be just what you’ve been looking for.



Dude, option clicking on the arrow button does the same thing.

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