The truth about Agloco


Agloco 101: “I don’t think Agloco’s a scam. It is a poorly conceived scheme that appeals to those who know very little about finance, share issuance and regulation.” Our previous coverage on Agloco.



I disagree with the assumption that it is a scam as they are not requiring anyone to pay to sign up.

I don’t like the way it works on an MLM basis though and I think when shares are issued (London Stock Exchange is being mentioned now), then the value will crash.

Overall, I just think the business model is flawed and will waste most people’s time for little financial reward.

Mike Klingler

We’ll be interviewing Brian Greenwald of Agloco management during the week of July 8th.

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Mike Klingler

S. W.

The flawed assumption of the article is that shares are being issued in the US… yet it’s a Hong Kong registered company, where SEC rules have limited applicability. Perhaps the author could go for a refresher course in global markets and applicability of international securities trading rule and then try rewriting his article.

Jesse Kopelman

Hey, if it walks like scam and quacks like a scam, it’s a scam.

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