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Sprint’s Lil WiMAX Details

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CTIA 2007: If Sprint’s mobile WiMAX network weren’t the first of its size and kind in the U.S., we wouldn’t be following its future rollout details like paparazzi mob Britney Spears. But it is, so we will.

Sprint named a dozen or so more markets for its WiMAX rollout and the chosen vendors for each location, and also announced some new hardware partners. Sprint now has 19 markets announced for network vendors Nokia, Samsung and Motorola (see details below the fold)

We talked with Atish Gude, Sprint’s senior VP of mobile broadband operations at Sprint’s CTIA press conference, and asked him if the company had talked to Clearwire about any roaming deals or if he could envision such a partnership. He said he thought Clearwire’s technology was far from having a mobile element yet, and though the companies had had some preliminary talks, there was nothing meaningful to announce.

The details:

  • Motorola will build out Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Minneapolis.
  • Samsung will develop Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Washington D.C.
  • Nokia will take care of Austin, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and Seattle.
  • There are now 19 markets named for the WiMAX launch — Hopefully the Bay Area will fall in there somewhere, sometime soon.
  • Samsung will develop PC cards for WiMAX and dual EVDO/WiMAX.
  • ZTE Corporation will supply WiMAX devices including PC cards — express and USB — as well as modem products.
  • ZyXEL Communications will develop modem products.

4 Responses to “Sprint’s Lil WiMAX Details”

  1. Cost will be a huge factor, of course. But looming large, like a big big big black cloud over all these “Wimax” solutions (or even wifi) is the continuing fact that the system may be fast for internet service, but all the myriads of new applications, which must be billed on a time/usage related basis will slow these things down to a crawl. But they will come to this, sooner or later, ask Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone…It is the single most contributing factor of why WiFi has been mostly free up to now – because the billing aspects of a “roaming” system were not met. Holy smokes, can you imagine a Sprint bill with the cost breakouts of all you services? HA!!

  2. And hell wiill be awash with glaciers before the products ship.
    But wait, there’s more! Dos anyone really think there wiill be a huge widepread market for this. I mean most people I know watch their wireless bills like vultures. I’d love to see SPrint, Verizon or someone else offer me an all inclusive plan for about $70.00 a month. I might even sitch for that.
    Jim Forbes, on the edge of a Sprint/Nokia Wi’Max trial area in rural San Diego.

  3. Jesse Kopelman

    Tim, the article mentions Samsung producing cards that support WiMAX and EVDO (cellular). The idea is that the cellular will suplement the faster WiMAX, not the other way around, so you will have to be a WiMAX subscriber to make use of such cards.