In Memoriam, Infoworld

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Jim Forbes’ obit of Infoworld reminds us of the unique position Infoworld enjoyed in Silicon Valley. But the world of tech is going online, and so is Infoworld.

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jim Forbes

writing that was pretty painful. And, I’m somewhat concerned that IDG may not realize that it has a great opportunity here to develop an online product that’s fun to read, has an edgy voice and is capable of surpassing InfoWorld in its prime.
The reality is when a pub goes web-only, it trims staff to the popint of no return. Using savings to staff up for a web-only product makes more sense.
If you’re going to go out, go out in style.
Om, thanks for the link and comment.
Best wishes from my retirement redoubt in rural San Diego County, where I connect wirelessly to the Internet from my outside office next to my huge organic garden, underneath a guacamole dripping Haas avocado tree.
Jim Forbes

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