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Cricket World Cup Controversies, on Video

Though it seems a bit trite to snark about copyright in the shadow of mourning of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer, who was murdered in Jamaica amidst swirling accusations of match fixing, the worldwide attention has added fuel to a media frenzy that now includes online video.

As fast as YouTube can take down game clips at the request of rightsholder Global Cricket Corporation, users are posting them again, according to Cricinfo. A quick search for “West Indies Ireland” or “New Zealand Canada” will turn up innings from recent matches.

Sky is the official broadcaster for the 2007 World Cup on Sky Sports, and even went after BBC Newsnight for copyright infringement after they had a painter rendering photographs of the coverage. Now they’re going after Cricinfo for their portrayal of the live action in ‘machinima‘ form, Cricinfo 3D, but according to legal experts in the reports, they should be in the clear.

For those of you whom the controversy has courted as new fans, especially my fellow Yanks, Justine Larbalestier has a great guide to the ups, downs and overs of the game, with more background on the current World Cup at Wikipedia. Pakistan was defeated by underdog Ireland before Woolmer’s tragic death, and is no longer a factor. The GigaNet home team, India, is also out — leaving Om rooting for New Zealand. Me, I’m sticking with my favorite bowlers and batsmen, West Indies.

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