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The CW Pilot Would Put User Content In Primetime

Turnabout may be fairplay, but can it be a successful TV programming model? The CW hopes so, as it is considering a new pilot called Viewsers that aims to take user-generated clips from sites like YouTube and put it on in primetime, B&C reports.
Last week’s deal between News Corp. and NBC to develop a user-generated content initiative is likely to spur other networks to try their hand at it. So far, cable networks have had mixed results with such programming: VH1 enjoyed initial success with Web Junk 2.0, though Bravo has dropped Outrageous and Contagious Viral Video. More recent experiments include Nickelodeon’s two-hour MY:TV block and VH1’s, which features comments from users integrated, which is hosted by Jack Black and debuted Friday night.
Viewsers seeks to differentiate itself by offering an interactive element that lets viewers see what others are saying and communicate with them live on-air.
Aside from a full-length series, The CW has been integrating online videos into its “content wraps,” which consist of two- to three-minute program-like commercials. The network’s new concept, allowing sponsors to incorporate their products into the plots of series, has persuaded a dozen advertisers to produce 20 such spots this season.

One Response to “The CW Pilot Would Put User Content In Primetime”

  1. I'd love to see this fully intergrated with both online and mobile.

    I think Viewsers is a good idea. Naturally, user-gen content has been around for a while, with America's Funniest Home Videos and shows like that. The key to making a show like this work is how it's structured. What format will they put it in? Will the creators win prizes?

    The Hoff