NFL Annual Media Policy Review: Might Limit Online Video Use By Non-Partner Sites

Most of the coverage of last year’s off-season media policy review by the NFL centered on the loss of sideline access for local TV stations and unaffiliated networks; less in the spotlight, the NFL also limited the amount of video sites could use to non-game-day coverage. And, as the Sports Business Journal (sub. req.) reports, this year could see even more limitations when it comes to online video. The league may bar use of video from weekly coaches’ conferences and from interviews during practice. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, referring to newspaper sites, : The issue “is what, if any, amount of the interview footage should be allowed on Web sites since it is NFL content.” The league could use team sites and its own, now in house.
The possible complete ban and a review of the sidelines ban are on the agenda for the NFL owners’ meetings this week in Phoenix.


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